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Welcome to Jaded ’80s Baby!

If you’ve already perused my site, then you should have an idea of the man behind the words. I have many interests, and I enjoy working with companies and individual clients with products and dreams that I believe in and can help advance.

I believe in everything that I write and post on, and my readers know that fact.

My ultimate goal is to educate my audience and present ideas and topics from a variety of different perspectives. I want to encourage people to step outside of their respective comfort zones and experience more of the things this planet has to offer. The more opportunities and avenues we have for cultural exchange, the better our chances of understanding each other.

My readers trust me, and because of that, I am highly selective of the brands I choose to work with.

I am always open to new partnerships, ideas, and proposals, but here are a few suggestions on how we can work together:

  • Website Design
  • Press Trips
  • Freelance Writing
  • Hotel Review
  • Travel Product Review
  • Brand Ambassadorship
  • Destination Marketing
  • Sponsored Posts
  • Graphic Design

Please send any proposals or media kit requests to

Thanks for visiting Jaded ’80s Baby.


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